Hello and welcome to Sew La Jupe!

I set up this space in order to share my sewing projects and passion!

I started sewing in 2013, following Lisa Gachet’s first release of her perfecto jacket pattern on her website Make my Lemonade. I made it with my mom (who knows how to sew) in one afternoon and I thought: well, this is so cool, there are endless possiblities, let’s keep going !

Since then, I have sewn several garnments from patterns I found either on the internet or from copying and adapting clothes from my wardrobe!

I have always loved making things with my hands and sewing appealed to me as it is one of the few creative activities which end result is actually useful ! Plus, it allows me to make myself my dream wardrobe at a lesser cost!


Before I started sewing, I used to make lots of jewellery, and I will try to show some of it on the blog as well!

I hope you enjoy my blog !

Contact: contact@sewlajupe.com

My sewing machine:

I sew on a Singer Madam 3, which I have had the chance to win in an Instagram contest organised by @makemylemonade for the Xmas calendar 2015. Before that, I used a Singer Smart II which was a really good machine to start with.