Sew My Style 2019

Here you'll find all the info on the Sew My Style Challenge , for which I am one of the hosts for 2019.

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    Sew My Style 2019 – November – Backback Inspiration

    November is already upon us ! I know, time flies, doesn’t it? When you think about “November,” you may think “grey”, “cold”, “depressing” (that is, if you live in the northern hemisphere). However, this year, we’ll try to change your mind set and get you excited for the month to come, because this month, for Sew My Style 2019, we are sewing backpacks !! And more specifically, the two patterns chosen for this month are the Raspberry Rucksack by SarKirsten and the Desmond Roll Top Backpack by TaylorTailor. You may think that sewing accessories are boring, but as Belle Citadel rightly states in her introduction article for this month’s challenge,…

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    Jeans in July – Fitting resources

    So, we are sewing Jeans this month ! Are you scared ? Don’t be ! For a recap about which jeans patterns we are sewing this month, check out my last blog post. First, go get yourself a confidence boost by reading Heather Lou’s amazing pep talk for overcoming sewing fear! And as it comes from the Queen of Jeans making herself, I think it is particularly appropriate for this month’s challenge! Okay, now that we have established that this jeans making fear is totally irrational, we wanted to give you the maximum of resources to help you tackle the most intimidating  part of sewing jeans : the fit !…

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    Sew My Style – Jeans in July – Patterns Presentation

    Hello everyone and happy July ! This month, with Sew My Style, we are sewing jeans !! How exciting ! Jeans are often seen as a scary thing to sew, but really, it’s like anything else : you just have to follow the steps ! Jeans come in multiple styles, and to be sure you find one that suits you, this month you have a choice between 4 wonderful patterns : By Megan Nielsen : the Ash Jeans (4 in 1!) View A View B View C View D As Megan herself explains, the Ash jeans is the ultimate stretch jean pattern set. It includes four cuts and multiple lengths…

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    Sedona Shirt Presentation – Sew My Style ’19

    Hello everybody! It’s May already, and this month, for Sew My Style, we are sewing button up shirts ! If you subscribed to the newsletter, you should have received a coupon for two patterns: the Novelista Shirt by Blank Slate Patterns and the Sedona Shirt by Designer Stitch I am leading this month along with Whitney from @tomkatstitcherycarmel on IG and on Youtube and she’ll be sewing the Novelista Shirt when I’ll be sewing the Sedona Shirt (well actually, I think Whitney is planning on sewing both shirts because #hero). The supporting hosts this May are Jess from @coralbunnyandlo and Claire fom @belle_citadel ! Make sure you follow everyone on…

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    SMS 2019 – January : Activewear!

    Today we are getting to the heart of the subject regarding the “Sew My Style” challenge. (If you do not know what I’m talking about, I invite you to read my introductory article here) Theme: “Activewear”! As a reminder, this month’s theme was activewear. This leaves an extremely wide choice since we can imagine sewing a relatively simple piece such as a Jersey T-shirt or a sweatshirt, or a little more technical items, such as a swimming pool swimsuit, a sports bra, cycling shorts, or leggings in a breathable and adapted material. First of all, since the goal here is not to sew just for the sake of sewing, but to…

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    Introducing the Sew My Style 2019 Sewing Challenge!

    Hello everyone! I thought I might write a short article to introduce you to the Sew My Style 2019 sewing challenge, in case you were interested in taking part in it this year. Sew My Style could be defined as a giant sew-along which last a whole year, with prizes to be won every month. For each month, a pattern or a theme has been picked out, and you just have to sew along and share your make on social media.  In 2019, the plan is as follows: January : Activewear (anything goes!) February : Tee-shirts (patterns to be confirmed) March : Cadigan (patterns to be confirmed) April: Trousers (patterns to be confirmed)…