Sew My Style 2019

Introducing the Sew My Style 2019 Sewing Challenge!

Hello everyone!

I thought I might write a short article to introduce you to the Sew My Style 2019 sewing challenge, in case you were interested in taking part in it this year.

Sew My Style could be defined as a giant sew-along which last a whole year, with prizes to be won every month.

For each month, a pattern or a theme has been picked out, and you just have to sew along and share your make on social media.  In 2019, the plan is as follows:

January : Activewear (anything goes!)

February : Tee-shirts (patterns to be confirmed)

March : Cadigan (patterns to be confirmed)

April: Trousers (patterns to be confirmed)

May : Button-down (patterns to be confirmed)

June : Woven Dress (patterns to be confirmed)

July : Jeans (patterns to be confirmed)

August: Lingerie (patterns to be confirmed)

September : Blouse (patterns to be confirmed)

October: Denim Jacket(patterns to be confirmed)

November : Bags(patterns to be confirmed)

December : Pyjamas (patterns to be confirmed)

A lot of the patterns have to be confirmed as we are still in the middle of the process of securing the patterns. I guess this is as good a time as any to announce that I had the pleasure to be picked by Maddie (from the blog and IG “Maddiemadethis” – who is this year’s organizer) to be one of the leaders for 2019, among 12 other lovely ladies.

I highly recommend you go ahead and follow them already, that way you’ll be sure to get all the info each month. Click on their photos to find the instagram account.

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Et coucou! 👋🏻 Vous connaissez le projet Sew My Style? Il s’agit d’un sew-along (=coudre ensemble) géant (et mondial!) qui se déroule chaque mois de l’année. Des patrons sont choisis pour chacun des mois, l’inscription (gratuite) à la mailing list permet de bénéficier d’un code promo sur ledit patron, et ensuite c’est parti, on a un mois pour coudre toutes ensemble le même modèle (ou presque, puisqu’il y a toujours un choix entre au moins 2 patrons). A la fin du mois, un tirage au sort est organisé parmi les réalisations, et la gagnante gagne un lot en rapport avec la couture! C’est aussi l’occasion pour les débutantes de se faire aider puisqu’un groupe facebook pour s’entraider est créé pour l’occasion, et que des « leaders » sont là chaque mois pour vous aider et proposeront des articles d’inspiration de tissu, de style, ou des tutos pour les passages un peu plus techniques! L’édition 2019 est en pleine préparation et j’ai eu la chance cette année de participer à l’organisation, aux côtés de toutes ces couturières chevronnées sur les photos! N’hésitez pas à aller voir leur profil et à les suivre pour la suite de l’aventure ! On est en train de choisir les patrons qui vont être cousus l’an prochain, c’est hyper cool, j’ai hâte de vous montrer ça! Clairement c’est un challenge adressé principalement aux anglophones mais si le concept vous tente, n’hésitez pas à vous lancer, je peux toujours servir d’interprète ! Bien sûr, même si vous êtes inscrite, vous n’êtes pas obligé de coudre le patron du mois chaque mois! Les inscriptions sur la mailing list se font sur le blog de l’organisatrice @maddiemadethis , rubrique Sew My Style 2019. // 🇬🇧Hello everyone ! If you are here, you’ve probably heard about the #sewmystyle Project! The lovely @maddiemadethis is the new coordinator for 2019, and I was lucky enough to get picked alongside these gorgeous ladies to help drive this project throughout the year! Looking forward to it! To know more about this year’s team of leaders, go and read @maddiemadethis latest blog post where we all introduce ourselves and do not hesitate to follow us if you want to get all the info on the patterns we will sew together each month!

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For more info on how to join and how to participate, I invite you to read this well written article by Maddie, where she explains everything. Also, after signing up with the mailing list, you should definitely join the dedicated facebook group where you’ll be able to share and get inspired by the Sew My Style community.

Usually, a discount code will be sent to you a few days before the beginning of the months, s you can purchase the pattern(s) at an interesting price. Then, you have a whole months to sew the pattern and share your progress on Instagram (with the hashtag #sewmystyle2019) or on the facebook group. A winner will be chosen randomly each month, and will win sewing related prices!

I’ll share more details as soon as I know more, we are still trying to put everything together so you’ll have the best experience possible!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to leave me a comment here, I’ll try to answer you the best I can.


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