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Sedona Shirt Presentation – Sew My Style ’19

Hello everybody!

It’s May already, and this month, for Sew My Style, we are sewing button up shirts !

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I am leading this month along with Whitney from @tomkatstitcherycarmel on IG and on Youtube and she’ll be sewing the Novelista Shirt when I’ll be sewing the Sedona Shirt (well actually, I think Whitney is planning on sewing both shirts because #hero). The supporting hosts this May are Jess from @coralbunnyandlo and Claire fom @belle_citadel ! Make sure you follow everyone on social media to get all the infos.

So let me introduce you to the Sedona Shirt pattern!

This is a very versatile pattern, as you can see from the technical drawings below, because it allows you to create either a shirt, a tunic or a shirt dress. You also have sleeves options (long, short or elbow length, with an optional turn back folded cuff and tab button).

You can add patch pockets or not, and the most interesting feature in my opinion is the waist darts option to make the shirt close fitted or more boxy (office compatible or more casual).

I also love that the long sleeves have a real tailored shirt placket and not just a slit – I think I’ve only done it once and I can’t wait to tackle this technical bit again! They look so fancy !




It will be my first time sewing a Designer Stitch pattern, and although the fabric chosen for the presentation sample is not quite to my liking, when you look further than personal taste, I think this pattern has great potential ! The instructions themselves are very clear,  each step is illustrated with a drawing (I LOVE when the pattern instructions have drawings, I love being able to visualize immediately what it is I am supposed to do ! And I feel photos are not always very clear, what do you think ?). I have only printed the pdf pattern so far but I can see that a lot of effort has been put into making the pdf experience as enjoyable as possible (I personally don’t find it too daunting (#teampdf), I usually cut and stick together the pages while watching something onNetflix) : I mean, there are two files : one where you have to trim the edges, and one where you don’t have to trim, just tape the sheets together and complete the lines in the margins where your printer didn’t go ! And for the one with trimming, you have little scissors on the side of the pages you are meant to cut, not all 4 sides have to be cut for each page ! Time gain people ! Time is sewing !

If you go on Designer Stitch website, you can admire the testers versions for the pattern, which I found very inspiring! Ann, the designer, also did a blog post sharing her inspiration behind this pattern, which is worth checking out as well.

So, which button up shirt are you sewing this month ? Are you leaning towards the Sedona ? Do you already know which version you are gonna make ?

I am planning a few posts this month to get your creativity flowing !

  • More Inspiration and Fabric Choice
  • Hacking ideas
  • Tips and tricks
  • And finally, at the end of the month, I’ll show you my version (I am still hesitating between a sleeveless shirt version or a shirt dress!)

If you have any questions while making the shirt, please drop a message on the Sew My Style Facebook Group, I’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible, and your questions might enlighten others, so please do share!



  • Paulette Erato

    Great intro post! I’m also making the Sedona. I put it together yesterday and appreciate that the upper front can attach to the back bodice to save paper. That said, the seam allowance changes and is only 1/4” around the collar. I wish I’d noticed that before cutting it all out so I could add a wider seam for potential oopsies!

    • Sew La Jupe

      Ah great! I’m glad you are making it as well ! Are you making the shirt or the shirt dress? I haven’t read the instructions fully yet, thanks for the heads up on the seam allowance!

  • Claire MacPherson

    Nice round up! 🙂 I’m sewing the other shirt, but I’m sure your tips will come in useful for me too. I totally agree on the drawings vs. photos thing. I think drawings are usually much clearer and much prefer them! 🙂

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