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Sew My Style 2019 – November – Backback Inspiration

November is already upon us ! I know, time flies, doesn’t it?

When you think about « November, » you may think « grey », « cold », « depressing » (that is, if you live in the northern hemisphere). However, this year, we’ll try to change your mind set and get you excited for the month to come, because this month, for Sew My Style 2019, we are sewing backpacks !!

And more specifically, the two patterns chosen for this month are the Raspberry Rucksack by SarKirsten and the Desmond Roll Top Backpack by TaylorTailor.

You may think that sewing accessories are boring, but as Belle Citadel rightly states in her introduction article for this month’s challenge, one of the perks of sewing bags is that you don’t have to fit them! Plus they make great gifts and I would add, you might end up using them everyday, which ensures you always get that nice little ego boost you get when wearing something you’ve made !

Another nice touch is that they are great scraps busters, as they are often made of pieces which can be of different fabrics. You might be more willing to make more adventurous color matching or prints mixing for an accessory than you would for a garnement.

The only effort you’ll have to make is to find the right supplies, but trust me, the hardest thing is not going to that shop, it is to not give in to buying more fabric! Plus, you’ll find a list of online shops that sell bag supplies on Belle Citadel’s blog, which means you can order everything from the comfort of your own bed if the November weather has taken a toll on your willingness to face the outside world!

And if you need a bit of inspiration to get those creative juices flowing, check out the inspiration I have gathered for this month’s patterns !

The Desmond Roll Top Backback

I really like the idea of adding a leather bottom and leather straps to the backback, giving it a more urban and current vibe. This could easily be adapted to the Desmond backpack.


If you are unsure about which color to use so that it goes with all your outerwear, you can go the classic route and go all black, but play with the textures to give your backpack a bit of character. For example, you can use a mix of leather and waxed canvas, with a stripy lining to keep a bit of fun on the insides.


Another nice option for the Desmond backpack is go the nautical way, with a mix of blues and yellows, and why not a stripy lining as well.


The Raspberry Rucksack

The Raspberry Rucksack’s design is a little less definite than the Desmond, which makes it all the more susceptible to a wide range of styles.

First, you could make a classic pastel version.

I love the idea of making a regressive backpack and use a shiny or sparkly fabric to make the backpack a fun (but practical!) bag for a night out !


I fell in love with those furry backback, aren’t they adorable ? I want one for myself ! I feel the Raspberry Rucksack pattern would be a great base for making one of these, you would simply need to add the cute ears !


Or you could mix the two ideas : shiny fabric AND a unicorn ? Ok now we are talking !


Community Makes

These two patterns have been out in the world for quite a while, so you can also get inspired by looking at the hashtags #desmondrolltopbackpack and #raspberryrucksack.

Here is a selection of some of my personal favorites made by the sewing community:

clockwise: @lauraveldigheldig@tormalore@mevalerie7200@fanny_brooklyn

top: @jasikaistrycurious

bottom: @sewsarasew@theseminimalist@themindfulsewist

clockwise : @kattegeneta@_jennyjennyjenny_@allseamsconsidered  – @stephcarrollsews

My personal plans

I have already cut out my version of the Desmond roll top backpack : the exterior will be in dark blue denim and the lining will be in a bright blue yellow and red wax fabric! I can’t wait to get started with the sewing !

What are you planning on making this month ?

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